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Beckie Moss is an artist and art teacher. She teaches on the Fountain/Fort Carson military base in Colorado Springs to 450 adorable, insane kids. She has a B.A. in Visual Arts from UNC in Colorado with an education and painting emphasis. Beckie has no idea what she would do without her art. It defines her. Beckie's current artistic focus on mixed media, including altered books, allows her to create original compositions that juxtapose ideas, images, cliches, and words, giving them new meanings and challenging viewers to rethink opinions, or simply start a conversation. She enjoys discovering the relationships between text, the spaces between words, and the emotions they create.


Even though I don't really consider myself an artist, I love reusing old things and finding a new way to make them useful. When I became a librarian a few years ago, I found that there were quite a few books that had been withdrawn from the library that no one wanted. I couldn't even give them away! Instead of putting them in a dumpster, I decided to try an idea I had seen at a workshop and start using the books for my craft projects. I really love how the items turn out, and it makes me feel good to know that someone will enjoy the books in a new, cool way.



Camille Riner has a BFA from the University of South Dakota and her MFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before moving back to South Dakota she taught art and design at Southwestern Michigan College. Currently she works in her studio with her husband and partner, Paul Horsted. I see books as an intimate way to express ideas in time. I have long been interested in how individuals communicate their own perspectives on life by making their mark. This has led to an interest in petroglyphs and ancient cultures, books, and poetry.


Chelsea Rhiannon is a small-town fine artist currently pursuing education in book-binding, fine arts, and graphic design. She is creating works of art related to the process of print and binding. Her efforts are to capture the nastolgia of literature and print and the tradition and security of book-binding.


Elena Mary Siff is a book artist who also creates mixed media art , jewelry and installation art. She has curated numerous exhibitions, and has a special interest in outsider art, art brut and surrealism. Books are a passion of mine having grown up in a household of 1000s of books that my father collected. I recall as a child many packages of books arriving from many countries which my father had ordered. He was a scholar. As a mixed media artist it was inevitable that I would create unique book objects which I have been working with for 20 years.


Lisa Occhipinti is a mixed media painter, book artist and author. Her work is in private and corporate collections worldwide. She is the author of "The Repurposed Library", a book of 33 book-art projects, published by STC/Abrams. Her work is also in "Papercraft". She lives and works in Venice, CA where she teaches privately. Words, text and the notion of endless possibilities are the inspiration behind her book works. She is fascinated by the idea of how books connect people, places and time, not just the author-reader relationship but the history of the book itself: who has owned it, who borrowed it, where has it traveled to. They are historical figures. The object of a book contains an exuberance, and by reconfiguring it into a new form she aims to give it a life off the shelf.


Rita Summers is an artist, writer, teacher and gallery owner. She has always loved books and especially the creative and tactile possibilities with artist books.



Robin Larido has been a mixed-media artist and self-taught quilter for several years. She grew up in a family of creative people so it was inevitable that she took an interest and has been creating everything from clothing, macrame, seashell mirrors, paper-mache, and on and on since she was 9. She sees inspiration all around her and has a desire to learn new things. She loves to create book art (altered books) because it gives her endless possibilities to experiment with all kinds of interesting media, techniques, images and effects all in the space of one book. And, unlike a single collage or assemblage, she can rip out the pages and start over if she's not happy with the results.



Xcathedra is an autodidactic verbal and visual artist whose work has sold in the US and Internationally. She works in various media, including but not limited to the following art forms: Photography, Painting, Assemblage, Sculpture/3-D, Mixed Media, Spoken Word, Poetry, Polatype and Emulsion Transfer, Journal Making, Mask Making and Casting, Monotype, Xerographic Lithography, Relief Printmaking, Thermal Transfer Process, One of a Kind Furniture Reconstruction, Film, Music and T-Shirt/Messenger Bag/One of a Kind Clothing Reconstruction and Design. Her Artist Statement is as follows: "I am insignificant. I am substantial. I am soldered with laughter and tears. I am Xerox opposed. A small peculiar refugee on a journey copious and delphic. Ever mindful of the monsters along the way. I tuck them tightly in my hands so they will remember my imprint upon their skin."